Pitbull vs Coyote: What’s the Difference?

Coyotes are wolf-like wild canines that are mainly found in North America. They are alternatively referred to as prairie and belong to Canidae, the dog family.  Coyotes are popular for known to attack pets.

Other than that, they can grow up to 24 inches and weigh up to 50 pounds. It is possible to cross a dog and coyote since they belong to the same family genetically. This makes it possible for a pitbull coyote mix.

Generally, any hybrid offspring between a dog and a coyote is called a coydog. When you compare the features of a pitbull vs coyote it is easier to guess the kind of offspring to expect.

Features of a coyote pitbull mix dog breed


When a pitbull is crossed with a coyote, the offspring is a bigger, stronger and more intelligent coydog. The following are the features of an ideal coyote pitbull mix canine:


A coyote pitbull mix is bound to be large in size with the most outstanding feature being a bushy tail. The hybrid is also synonymous with a sable coat color.


Just like pitbulls, a coyote pitbull mix is strong, agile and energetic. Besides that, the hybrid also tends to be shy and aggressive at times when the wild instinct kicks in. The behavioral traits are borrowed from both ancestors as they are highly intelligent dogs.

This makes coydogs expert hunters. Their puppies happen to be less playful and not as outgoing as normal dog pups although you can train them to be sociable or friendly. Other than that, unlike normal dogs that bark, the coyote pitbull mix breed howls and also hisses at times.

Living conditions

The wild coyote instinct becomes more dominant when it comes to shelter and living conditions. This might explain why coydogs prefer to stay outdoors most of the time. If you have to build a kennel it should be large enough to provide ample space for playing as they are energetic dogs.

Similarly, coydogs are fond of digging holes which is not just a way of having fun but a smart shelter too. So do not be astounded when you run into hole in your backyard.


Much like pitbulls, coydogs are big in size and overly energetic. Therefore, they demand more food to sustain their nutritional needs and maintain that huge furry body. You should include more meat and bones in their diet.

Health Problems

Sadly the hybrid is prone to genetic illnesses such as elbow or hip dysplasia. The disease is linked to their large size. It might lead to lameness or arthritis if not treated in time.

Training and exercise

The coyote pitbull mix breed is known to be very curious and intelligent. These are some of the traits that facilitate faster dog training. Some people regard the breed as unfriendly and aggressive. This may be true if a coydog is not trained early enough. Frankly, a coydog is easy to train as a puppy.

A properly trained coyote pitbull mix dog can freely socialize with people and remain obedient too. Moreover, coydogs are energetic and agile. This means that they should exercise frequently to use up their excess energy.

Some experts claim that dogs become more aggressive or easily intimidated when the excess energy piles up. The analogy might be true for coydogs.


The hybrid has a thick medium coat that can be hypersensitive to foreign elements like shampoo. However, the dog should be carefully groomed in a fashion similar to other dogs. Use a coat-friendly shampoo and brush to get rid of loose hair, dirt, mats and tangles.

Their nails can be vicious hence trimming is vital. Remember to clean the ears and brush the teeth too. Coydogs love crushing bones thus you should adequately take care of their oral health.

The possible outcome in Pitbull vs coyote real fight


Coyotes are dangerous wild animals capable of killing humans or causing serious injuries. Numerous cases of coyote-inflicted bites are reported in the US every year.

Nevertheless, domesticated canines have proven to be the perfect guardian angels against coyotes. Probably you have heard of stories like a “Pitbull kills 9 coyotes in Colorado” or case of a pitbull vs 9 coyotes.  Big, strong dogs such as pitbulls can easily kill coyotes thus guaranteeing safety.

Some people may argue that a Pitbull’s size may be an upper hand in a one on one encounter with a coyote. This cannot be far from the truth as coyotes are relatively smaller in size. You would therefore expect the pooch to be triumphant in a pitbull vs coyote real fight.

The bottom line is that if one pitbull was to get into a fight with one coyote, the bigger dog will certainly win owing to stronger bites. Still the pitbull would sustain serious injuries from the smaller but swift and experienced coyote.

If the same pitbull is to be matched against a pack of pitbulls, the outcome would be very different. This is highly possible as coyotes often move around in small packs of three to four members.

However, there are other factors that can determine the outcome of a coyote vs pitbull fight. Keep in mind that coyotes are wild animals that are built for battles and vicious confrontations. They basically kill for survival in their natural habitat.

Unlike their seemingly superior counterparts, they are faster with the instinct of a killer not to mention their experience as killers. If you have watched any pitbull vs coyote liveleak videos you would know what I am talking about.

Frequently asked questions

Are coydogs good pets?

The hybrid may not be a suitable choice if you lack appropriate knowledge on natural dog behavior or instinct. In simple terms, you should not pet the breed if you are keeping a dog for the very first time. The breed is very aggressive and not so friendly with kids as they are easily intimidated.

Coydogs are not very outgoing pets although they can be trained into social and friendly pets. If I were to pick one breed as a first time pet parent in a contest of pitbulls vs coyotes, I would gladly go for the former. Nevertheless, having a perfect understanding of the natural canine instinct is key before getting a coyote pitbull mix dog breed.

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