Best Brushes for Pitbulls 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Brush for Pitbulls

Pitbulls are descendants of terriers and bulldogs. They are some of the most popular dog breeds distinctive for their fluffy ears, ferocity, speed and huge size. Another unique feature associated with pitbulls is their huge coat as well as their tendency to shed immensly.

Just like any other dogs, Pitbulls need to be regularly bathed or groomed. Grooming or bathing requires a proper kit that should include a brush. In addition to shedding a lot, the skin of these four-legged friends are also susceptible to tangles, mats, dirt and dander.

The best brush for Pitbulls should effectively eliminate any of these problems leaving the dogs with a smooth, shiny and healthy coat. Most people prefer taking their pets to professional pet groomers who may not know the right kind of brush to use on these dog breed.

This could end in a injury, discomfort for the dog or hypersensitivity to the brush used, resulting in allergic reactions. Luckily, Pitbulls do not need to be groomed quite often. You can groom them at home.

We are going to look into the key aspect that you should consider when buying the best pitbull brush, reviews, types of brushes, their benefits as well as some tips related to grooming Pitbulls.

Best Brushes for Pitbulls 2018

1) Dog Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush –Epica

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This is one of the few dog grooming brushes in the market with a pivoting head. It is a perfect choice if you have a dog that sheds a lot. Honestly, I had a problem taking care of my Pitbull’s shedding until I run into this brush.

Now I do not have to worry about the dog hair being strewn all over my floor, furniture or clothes anymore. The brush comes with several features that make grooming easy, comfortable and fun. It is the type of grooming brush that will change your furry buddy’s mind about brushing.

It features a non-slip grip that endures slippery or wet conditions. Besides that, the brush also has stainless steel pins that are not only flexible but also non-rusting thus ensuring durability. With one button you can get rid of all the dirt or hair stuck within the bristles.

In addition to that, it has a pivoting head, such that you will not have to follow your pet around while grooming. I would highly recommend using the self cleaning slicker brush as it makes work easier in removing loose fur, mats or tangles.

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2) Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

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This slicker brush features soft stainless steel bristles, which ensure effective brushing and also guarantee durability. Besides that, it offers perfect anti-slip grip. It is recommended for long or short haired dogs as it flawlessly gets rid of mats and tangles.

Personally, I own a Pitbull and this dog breed sheds on a large scale. The pro-quality self-cleaning slicker brush is a vital tool in my pet grooming sessions as it easily removes the loose hair from my dog’s coat. Interestingly, the fur or dirt caught on the bristles gets off with minimal effort.

Other features include a sleek design that enhances ease of use. The brush also comes with outstanding self-cleaning features where you only need to turn it on and wipe the fur away from its surface.

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush has been tested. Its grooming capabilities are amazing. You get value for your money after buying this brush.

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3) Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs with Plastic Handle

The Safari Bristle Brush guarantees maximum comfort as well as an excellent grooming experience to dogs and their owners. It is engineered to tend to the general grooming needs of a dog.

Besides eliminating mats or tangles, the brush stimulates the growth of hair and distributes natural oil on the skin surface for a healthy and shiny coat. Well, I have used the brush a couple of times and t has some interesting features.

Likewise, is fitted with a rubber handle and treads which provide a firm grip. It also comes with dense bristles which ensure effective removal of loose hair as well as tangles. The bristles are soft and gentle. This is good for a dog’s comfort.

Most importantly, the brush is effective, easy to use and durable.

4) FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Furminator deshedding tool is ideal for undercoat grooming. It is recommended for short haired dogs. The brush is designed for grooming dogs that are large or medium-sized. It has a large stainless steel surface with a long handle which sufficiently gets to the undercoat to clear shedding hair.

Besides that, the brush comes with a uniquely designed rubber handle that increases comfort. It has proven to be effective when it comes to getting rid of loose hair not to mention reducing shedding by up to 90%. This is aside the fact that it is really gentle on a dog’s coat implying that your pet will not squirm or feel any discomfort while you brush.

My hands are a little small. I love working with dog brushes that fit appropriately and provide sufficient grip even when I use shampoo which is slippery.

The good thing about the furminator deshedding tool for dogs is that it is available in different sizes depending on dog or hand size. The most outstanding feature of the brush is the FURejector, which automatically eliminates any fur that sticks on the brush after grooming.

5) Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats

The pet grooming brush has been tried, tested and proven by numerous dog grooming professionals. It is an amazing brush that cuts down on shedding by over 95% within a short time.

It can help you to save money and time besides giving your pet a shiny and healthy coat. This deshredding tool is fortified with 100mm stainless steel blade for durability. It also comes with a guard that guarantees safety.

In addition to that, it features a non-slip handle that is easy to grip thus guaranteeing ultimate control and precision. Similarly, the hair removing tool is pet-friendly and will not trigger any allergies on your dog’s skin. The pet grooming brush is very light. You do not strain while using it.

6) HappyDogz Magic Pro Deshedding Tool

With the Happy Dogz Magic Pro Deshedding tool, you can totally forget about the pitbull shedding problem or any other disgusting hairy situation that a dog may cause. The brush guarantees a 95% reduction in shedding within a matter of minutes.

Moreover, it is proven to be pet-friendly providing comfort during long brushing sessions and safety even to the most sensitive pets during grooming. It features stainless steel shedding blades that are suitable for all types of coats, dog size or breed. Stainless steel also ensures strength and durability.

Happy Dogz Magic Pro Deshedding tool is fitted with a guard that protects one from being injured by the blades. Additionally, its handle is long enough for flexibility. The handle is fortified with rubber thus enhancing proper grip as well as comfort. It is a very light tool exerting very minimal pressure or fatigue on your hands while grooming.

Plus, it comes with a quick-release button that easily ejects the head for cleaning and storage after every grooming session. Generally, the dog grooming brush ensures that your pet’s coat remains healthy, shiny and clean with minimal effort.

7) Pet Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

Nothing gives your furry friend that extra shine and a clean coat like the Pet Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove. The brush has proven to be soft and gentle to a dog’s coat when grooming. It has a sleek design mimicking a human hand.

This pair is made with silicone 225 which gives it the feel of a human hand providing your pet with that relaxing, and soft touch while being groomed. Moving on, the unique design makes the glove brush easy to put on, and also increases flexibility allowing you to effortlessly brush away fur, dander, and dirt from a dog’s coat.

Still, the five finger glove design minimizes fatigue. It allows you to groom areas that cannot be accessible by ordinary brushes. The silicon rubber is soft and gentle implying that your dog’s skin will not be hurt. Your dog will also remain comfortable during the grooming session.

It is also easier to dispose of any shredding hair that might stick on its surface not to mention an adjustable wrist strap that holds the glove in place while grooming. Other remarkable features include being lightweight, breathability as well as the fact that is machine washable.

8) Pet Grooming Gloves – Left & Right – Enhanced Five Finger Design

Some dog breeds are prone to shedding a lot of hair or fur. This calls for a proper grooming brush to exclude any shed or loose hair regularly. One such brush is a pair of the pet grooming gloves. With this pair, you can forget about shedding problems.

The pair is fitted with rubber tips that attract loose fur as well as dander and also massages a dog’s skin. Massaging has a myriad of benefits to our furry friends such as enhancing proper blood circulation and distribution of natural oils.

Nonetheless, the gloves allow you to work with two hands. This makes grooming fast and less tedious. The gloves are made from quality material. They are fortified with adjustable wrist straps to prevent them from falling. Pet grooming gloves are recommended for dogs with a short coat such as Pitbulls.

9) Hertzko Pet Bath & Massage Brush

The Hertzko Pet Bath & Massage Brush turns a gloomy grooming session into a fun and pleasant experience. I remember sometime back when my dog was not so fond of brushing or grooming sessions. This was probably due to the grooming brush that I was using then.

However, all that changed when I got the new Hertzko Pet Bath & Massage Brush. She now runs to me for another soft touch from this wonderful brush. It is a massage and grooming brush made with even rubber bristles.

Rubber bristles easily attract dander, dirt and shed fur from the surface of the dog’s skin. You will no longer have to worry about cleaning dog hair with this grooming tool.  It provides a soothing feeling in addition to increasing circulation of blood within the skin.

The rubber grip elevates comfort as well as your control over the brush even when using soap or shampoo. Another remarkable aspect of the brush is easy cleaning. It only needs proper rinsing with water after use to prepare it for the next grooming session.

10) KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Toy

KONG Zoom Groom, Dog Grooming Toy totally nails it when it comes to removing loose hair from a dog’s coat. It has been tested and it has proven to keep shedding under control. It is one of the best shampooing or grooming brush available in the market today.

The brush is two in one. Besides grooming, it also massages your pet. It is made from quality and reliable material implying that you won’t worry about replacing your grooming brush any time soon.

On the same note, the brush is made from rubber that is gentle on a dog’s skin; eliminating any risk of irritation, discomfort or injury. The design is suitable for all types of coats. It also contributes to a healthy skin by stimulating production and distribution of natural oils.

Factors to consider when buying a brush for pitbulls


A brush is an important part of a dog’s grooming. Pitbulls are short-coated implying that their grooming brushes are different from those used on long-haired breeds. Choosing the right pitbull grooming brush ensures proper blood circulation on your dog’s skins, removal of shed hair, and uniform distribution of natural oil on the skin. All this contribute to a healthy pitbull skin. Below is a detailed insight into the factors to be considered when buying the best pitbull brush.

  • Comfort

Do not just go for any brush. Consider the how comfortable the brush is on your pitbull pet and the ease of use as well. It should provide sufficient grip, fit perfectly in your hand and efficiently groom your pet without causing injury.

  • Type of brush

Slicker brushes feature fine bristles and are perfect for removing mats or tangles from long haired dogs. Pin and bristle brushes are ideal for pitbulls as they have tightly packed bristles. This is good for removing loose hair during shedding .

  • Type of hair coat

This is perhaps the most fundamental aspect to consider before buying a good dog brush for pitbulls. Dogs generally have harsh, delicate, thin, wooly, medium, short or long hair. You have to beware of your dog’s coat type. Pitbulls are naturally short haired. Using a brush with long bristles will surely leave your canine injured.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a brush for pitbulls?

Pitbull dogs are short coated dog breeds yet they shed a lot. Brushes are invaluable during the shedding season. They help to remove excess hair that results from shedding. Brushes also get rid of tangles and mats from the Pitbull’s delicate coat. Their short coat requires a brush with short and dense bristles to effectively clean away dirt, loose hair or dander.

Types of pitbull brushes

  • Slicker brush

The slicker brush is good for all coats. It features a curved or flat head as well as fine bristles which are designed to detangle and get rid of loose fur.

  • Rubber curry brush

This is a top quality grooming brush which has rubber teeth. It is good for dogs with a medium or short coat.

  • Pin brush

It is meant to remove excess fur from silkier or long coats.  The model features wire pins held together on a rubber or plastic surface.

  • Bristle brush

It is one of the best brush for short hair dogs. This model is perfect for dogs with wiry or short coats such as Pitbulls. The bristles are more together making it good for mat removal.

  • Shedding blade

It is ideal for the removal of loose fur as the name suggests. The shedding blade is shaped like a horseshoe with small bristles.

  • Undercoat rake

The undercoat rake is recommended for thick and heavy dog coats. It is almost similar to a pin brush only that it has slightly longer pins to work effectively on the undercoat.

Benefits of pitbull brushes?

Frequent grooming is not so necessary for Pitbulls since they have a short coat. Occasional brushing keeps your pet comfortable and also enhances proper blood circulation on the coat. More benefits are listed below:

  • Gets rid of loose hair

Having dog hair strewn around your living room can be disgusting. Pitbull shedding occurs on a large scale and you should be prepared when the time comes. A good brush helps to get rid of loose hair.

  • Promotes bonding

Grooming is a perfect time to bond with your furry friend. A good brush should be comfortable and relaxing thus allowing you to cherish some time together.

  • Removes and prevents mats

Mats are dog skin infections which can cause pain and discomfort to your furry friend. They are linked to improper hygiene. Pitbulls are prone to mats and you should brush their coat regularly to eliminate the problem.

  •  Triggers production of healthy oils

Pitbulls tend to have a chick coat that may demand your attention every once in a while to remain healthy. Regular brushing hydrates their skin and also aerates the fur. This contributes to uniform distribution of healthy oils across the skin and helps in blood circulation.

  • Allows you to monitor your dog’s skin

Regular brushing of your pet will help you to monitor its skin and get remedy for any potential threat. Dogs are an easy prey for pests such as ticks, blotches and fleas as well as lumps and bumps that may develop from mats.

How to groom a pitbull?

Knowing how to groom a pitbull is a key step in deciding on acquiring a Pitbull. I find professional groomers to be costly and unreliable at times and i would recommend doing it by yourself.

Doing the grooming by yourself helps creates a powerful bond with your furry friend. As much as they have a thick coat and short fur, Pitbulls love to be clean.

Grooming pitbulls can be an overwhelming task considering that they are big dogs. However, they are naturally odiferous and their grooming does not demand much. There are several pitbull grooming tips that you should consider:

  • Use the right tools

This includes a proper brush, mild pet shampoo among other tools. There are different types of brush used on different coats. Pin and short bristles are ideal for the Pitbull’s coat. Having a grooming table can also come in handy as it allows you to focus on all areas while tidying your pet.

  • Begin by washing and brushing

Begin by washing and brushing, removing all hair clumps or mats. Remember to use a brush with short bristles. Such a brush effectively gets rid of dead skin, removes dust and controls shedding. It also eliminates the discomfort that comes with pulling hair.

All the washing and brushing should be done gently, in a quiet place to keep your pet calm. Brushing should be done at least once every week.

  • Clean the ears

Most people forget or simply neglect a dog’s ears while grooming. Pitbulls normally have perky ears which may be stuffed with wax and dirt if not cleaned regularly. Use a clan cotton ball to clean the ears.

  • Rinse thoroughly

Thorough rinsing is vital to keep the coat dry and aerated. Rinsing also eliminates any lingering hair or dirt.

  • Brush its teeth

Oral hygiene is another fundamental aspect vital for the wellbeing of your pet. It prevents bacterial infections, bad breath as well as buildup of tartar. Dog toothbrush and toothpaste should solve any oral problem elated to the mouth.

  • Combing and nail clipping

After rinsing you can proceed to combing the fur and clipping the nails. Long nails are dangerous to you and your pet. Remember to have styptic powder in case of an injury. Also use pliers-type clippers. Clip your Pitbull’s nails at least once every month.


Pitbulls are not as demanding when it comes to grooming as compared to their long-haired or long-coated counterparts. Nonetheless, they still need to be groomed accordingly every once in a while.

This should be done using the best brush for pitbulls. Understanding the Pitbull’s coat type also makes things clearer when selecting the right brush for grooming your pet.

Grooming your canine friend with the appropriate brush ensures proper blood supply to the coat and uniform distribution of natural oils. It also gets rid of mats, excess hair and tangles. All this ensures a healthier and happier life for your Pitbull.

Pitbull vs Coyote: What’s the Difference?


Coyotes are wolf-like wild canines that are mainly found in North America. They are alternatively referred to as prairie and belong to Canidae, the dog family.  Coyotes are popular for known to attack pets.

Other than that, they can grow up to 24 inches and weigh up to 50 pounds. It is possible to cross a dog and coyote since they belong to the same family genetically. This makes it possible for a pitbull coyote mix.

Generally, any hybrid offspring between a dog and a coyote is called a coydog. When you compare the features of a pitbull vs coyote it is easier to guess the kind of offspring to expect.

Features of a coyote pitbull mix dog breed


When a pitbull is crossed with a coyote, the offspring is a bigger, stronger and more intelligent coydog. The following are the features of an ideal coyote pitbull mix canine:


A coyote pitbull mix is bound to be large in size with the most outstanding feature being a bushy tail. The hybrid is also synonymous with a sable coat color.


Just like pitbulls, a coyote pitbull mix is strong, agile and energetic. Besides that, the hybrid also tends to be shy and aggressive at times when the wild instinct kicks in. The behavioral traits are borrowed from both ancestors as they are highly intelligent dogs.

This makes coydogs expert hunters. Their puppies happen to be less playful and not as outgoing as normal dog pups although you can train them to be sociable or friendly. Other than that, unlike normal dogs that bark, the coyote pitbull mix breed howls and also hisses at times.

Living conditions

The wild coyote instinct becomes more dominant when it comes to shelter and living conditions. This might explain why coydogs prefer to stay outdoors most of the time. If you have to build a kennel it should be large enough to provide ample space for playing as they are energetic dogs.

Similarly, coydogs are fond of digging holes which is not just a way of having fun but a smart shelter too. So do not be astounded when you run into hole in your backyard.


Much like pitbulls, coydogs are big in size and overly energetic. Therefore, they demand more food to sustain their nutritional needs and maintain that huge furry body. You should include more meat and bones in their diet.

Health Problems

Sadly the hybrid is prone to genetic illnesses such as elbow or hip dysplasia. The disease is linked to their large size. It might lead to lameness or arthritis if not treated in time.

Training and exercise

The coyote pitbull mix breed is known to be very curious and intelligent. These are some of the traits that facilitate faster dog training. Some people regard the breed as unfriendly and aggressive. This may be true if a coydog is not trained early enough. Frankly, a coydog is easy to train as a puppy.

A properly trained coyote pitbull mix dog can freely socialize with people and remain obedient too. Moreover, coydogs are energetic and agile. This means that they should exercise frequently to use up their excess energy.

Some experts claim that dogs become more aggressive or easily intimidated when the excess energy piles up. The analogy might be true for coydogs.


The hybrid has a thick medium coat that can be hypersensitive to foreign elements like shampoo. However, the dog should be carefully groomed in a fashion similar to other dogs. Use a coat-friendly shampoo and brush to get rid of loose hair, dirt, mats and tangles.

Their nails can be vicious hence trimming is vital. Remember to clean the ears and brush the teeth too. Coydogs love crushing bones thus you should adequately take care of their oral health.

The possible outcome in Pitbull vs coyote real fight


Coyotes are dangerous wild animals capable of killing humans or causing serious injuries. Numerous cases of coyote-inflicted bites are reported in the US every year.

Nevertheless, domesticated canines have proven to be the perfect guardian angels against coyotes. Probably you have heard of stories like a “Pitbull kills 9 coyotes in Colorado” or case of a pitbull vs 9 coyotes.  Big, strong dogs such as pitbulls can easily kill coyotes thus guaranteeing safety.

Some people may argue that a Pitbull’s size may be an upper hand in a one on one encounter with a coyote. This cannot be far from the truth as coyotes are relatively smaller in size. You would therefore expect the pooch to be triumphant in a pitbull vs coyote real fight.

The bottom line is that if one pitbull was to get into a fight with one coyote, the bigger dog will certainly win owing to stronger bites. Still the pitbull would sustain serious injuries from the smaller but swift and experienced coyote.

If the same pitbull is to be matched against a pack of pitbulls, the outcome would be very different. This is highly possible as coyotes often move around in small packs of three to four members.

However, there are other factors that can determine the outcome of a coyote vs pitbull fight. Keep in mind that coyotes are wild animals that are built for battles and vicious confrontations. They basically kill for survival in their natural habitat.

Unlike their seemingly superior counterparts, they are faster with the instinct of a killer not to mention their experience as killers. If you have watched any pitbull vs coyote liveleak videos you would know what I am talking about.

Frequently asked questions

Are coydogs good pets?

The hybrid may not be a suitable choice if you lack appropriate knowledge on natural dog behavior or instinct. In simple terms, you should not pet the breed if you are keeping a dog for the very first time. The breed is very aggressive and not so friendly with kids as they are easily intimidated.

Coydogs are not very outgoing pets although they can be trained into social and friendly pets. If I were to pick one breed as a first time pet parent in a contest of pitbulls vs coyotes, I would gladly go for the former. Nevertheless, having a perfect understanding of the natural canine instinct is key before getting a coyote pitbull mix dog breed.