Best Bark Collars for Pitbulls

People tend to have the notion that Pitbulls are aggressive. It is with such a perception that some countries have made it illegal to keep Pitbulls. Despite all the allegations, pitbulls are actually quite friendly and affectionate when under the right care. They often have a desire to please as well as tones of self-control. However, it is true that these big and robust dogs can be vicious when left alone.

This is why pitbull parents need to train, discipline and find a way of controlling them. Pitbulls are fierce barkers and some owners might find the need to use bark collars to curb their unwarranted behavior. Bark collars are recommended for dogs with excessive barking tendencies.

The best bark collars for pitbulls should be efficient, comfortable and pet-friendly. Pitbulls owners can use the best dog collars for pitbulls to develop a peaceful disposition among the furry friends and also enhance self-control.

With that in mind, how do you really choose the ideal pitbull dog collars? To help answer that, I have compiled a list of some of bark collars in the market currently alongside exclusive buying tips for the same. The collars reviewed on this list have been tried and tested thoroughly. Their level of safety, comfort and effectiveness is impressive. Check them out below:

Best Bark Collars for Pitbulls 2019

1. Garmin PT10 Dog Device Blue Collar (Pro 70/Pro 550)

The Garmin PT10 Collar comes with unique features that enhance effectiveness. This includes beacon lights that are remotely operated making the collar visible even in the dark. Another feature that I love about the collar is the material from which it is constructed.

The collar has insulated contact points that are made from stainless steel. This feature and design elevate the level of comfort. It also makes the collar ideal for short-coated dogs. The sturdiness and durability of the materials is also world class. An integrated bark limiter boosts effectiveness.

I would recommend the collar owing to its waterproof feature allowing your dog to roam freely regardless of prevailing weather conditions. Its color is unique and reflective for easy identity. To top it off, the collar has space for more accessories like a pitbull harness for walking or other pitbull dog collars and chains.


  • Waterproof
  • Made from quality materials
  • Cost is pocket friendly
  • Fitted with remote controlled beacon lights
  • Integrated bark limiter


  • The appeal is not quite appealing

2. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar

This collar uses spray as its corrective mechanism. What I love about the spray technology is that it is pet-friendly and does not cause any physical or emotional harm. The scented fragrance of the spray can be altered in the event that the dog fails to respond to the stimuli.  For this reason, the collar is recommended for dogs that are more sensitive and temperamental in nature like pitbulls.

Barking triggers the production of a mild citronella-scented pray that dogs find awful. The spray is replaceable or refillable on exhaustion with each canister accommodating enough volume for up to 400 sprays. 

Another attribute that I find interesting is the ease to use. The only aspect that I dislike about the collar is that it is not suitable for dogs under six pounds. However, if you are looking for a pocket friendly collar for your pitbull, I could recommend buying the PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar.


  • Pet friendly
  • Scented fragrance can be changes
  • The spray canisters are refillable
  • It is cheap


  • Not waterproof
  • The sharp Citronella scent may be too much for the household
  • Not very effective

3. PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

I think the PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar is among the most effective anti-bark dog collars. An ingenious combination of deterring technologies and an exquisite design are some of the reasons why you should buy the collar.  

The deterring technologies include sound and vibration which work hand in hand to discourage the dog from barking aimlessly. These technologies include vibration and sound. An uncomfortable static shock is emitted whenever the dog barks.

On the other hand, the exquisite design ensures that the magnitude of the static shock increases gradually when the dog’s barking remains persistent. The static intensity extends to ten levels.  Conversely, the shock stops when the dog stops barking.  


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Has a two deterring technologies
  • Shock intensity increases to ten levels


  • Costly
  • Batteries are non-rechargeable

4. The E-Collar Technologies Educator Remote Training Dog Collar

The E-Collar Technologies Educator Remote Training Dog Collar is by far the best training collar for pitbulls. I love the top functionality offered by the anti-bark collar that utilizes a buzz of electric shock to keep dogs in line.
Other than that, it is made from quality materials which transform into durability. I have used the collar a couple of times and it does not disappoint.
Nonetheless, the collar does not irritate the skin around the dog’s neck. Interestingly, the collar is waterproof. This means that your dog can even swim with the collar still intact.

• It is waterproof
• Uses vibration and tone functions
• Has blunt simulation and continuous stimulation function

Cons: Expensive

5. PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar comes with a collar device and a nylon strap to hold it in place. I love it because it is ideal for big dogs like pitbulls. This is reflected in the nylon strap that is adjustable to fit dog necks measuring 28 inches.

The collar device triggers a static buzz and a beep whenever vibration is detected in the dog’s vocal cords. Another incredible attribute that I love is that the static levels on the collar device are automatically adjusted progressively whenever the dog fails to respond.

This is achieved through six stages of static stimulation. Similarly, the collar shuts down when a continuous correction is triggered for more than 50 seconds. It is one of the few bark collars with an integrated safety measure.

To add on that, the collar is waterproof. It uses a replaceable battery alongside an indicator to show the level of charge.


  • Includes a safety measure
  • Waterproof
  • Made from quality material
  • Six levels of static stimulation
  • Replaceable battery
  • Easy to use

Cons: Costly

6. Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar

If you are looking for bark collar for big and stubborn dogs, look no further. The Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar is at your disposal. It is recommended for dogs weighing 35lbs and above. The collar features two ways of stimulation including vibration and static.

Moreover, the intensity of static stimulation can be adjusted through 10 levels for effectiveness. Like most collars, it is waterproof. The battery is quite reliable holding charge for over two hours. The battery charge can be monitored on the battery indicator.

Plus it takes little time to charge. To add on that, the collar device features the accelerometer bark sensor technology that keeps track of unnecessary barking. Eventually, the collar device has a plastic shield to keep it safe from mechanical damage.


  • Plastic shield for protection
  • Waterproof
  • Has accelerometer bark sensor technology
  • Static simulation extend through ten levels
  • Static and vibration stimulation for effectiveness
  • Meant for big dogs


  • Not easy to use or install

7. Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar

The Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar uses static stimulation to initiate a corrective measure for the dog’s barking. It comes with an innovative sound recognition sensor, which is able to distinguish ordinary noises from barking sound.

What I love about the Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar is that it can be adjusted depending on a dog’s temperament or size. Other than that, the collar has 7 levels of stimulation intensity.

The main reason why you should buy this collar is that it has a vibration warning mechanism that prevents the static stimulation form harming your dog.


  • Affordable
  • 7 different levels of stimulation intensity
  • Integrated vibration warning system
  • Has sound sensors
  • Waterproof


  • Material is frail for pitbulls and other big dogs
  • Its batteries are costly
  • Design is unappealin

8. SportDOG SBC-R No Bark Collar

After a few test runs, I find the SportDOG SBC-R No Bark Collar worthwhile for a couple of good reasons. To begin with, it features ten static stimulation levels that enhance effectiveness of the collar in eliminating unnecessary barking.

It also utilizes the silent partner technology that differentiates normal noise from barking. Additionally, the collar operates on rechargeable batteries. Battery life is indicated by OLED display. Alongside that is a safety feature to protect constant barkers.

The collar device stops after extended barking. Its rechargeable lithium-lion batteries last for about 200 hours after less than two hours of charging.


  • Safety feature for constant barkers
  • OLED display to show battery life
  • Has 10 static stimulation levels
  • Water resistant
  • Submersible up to 10 feet
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Costly
  • Ease of use is compromise

9. SportDOG 10R NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

I love the innovative technology incorporated in the design and construction of The SportDOG 10R Rechargeable Bark Collar. Other than being water resistant, the collar is made from durable material. It has proven to be reliable thanks to its rechargeable battery. In addition to that, the size of the collar is adjustable to fit any dog size. This favors big sized dogs such as pitbulls.


  • Innovative technology
  • Made with durable material
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Water resistant design


  • Not pocket friendly
  • Design is unappealin

Factors to consider when buying a collar for pitbulls

Dogdog Bha –

Each and every dog owner should have the interests of his or her pet at heart. It should be reflected in securing the best dog collars for pitbulls. Below is an exclusive compilation of factors that you should put in mind when buying a collar for your pitbull:  

  • Type of breed

Every dog breed has its own specific requirements when it comes to bark collars. This is owing to the fact that dog breeds have different hypersensitivity, sizes or skin type. The same concept applies when it comes to selecting the best bark collar for your pitbulls. Pitbulls are bigger and stronger. Thus, they require a bark collar that matches their needs.

  • Take note of your dog’s neck measurement

It is vital to take note of your pitbull’s neck size while selecting bark collars. It ensures that the bark collar is not too tight or too loose. Rather than gamble with the neck size, it might be better to find one that is adjustable. 

You should be keen particularly when you intend to buy the collar online. It is recommended for one to leave an allowance of about an inch between collar and neck measurements.

  • Length of your dog’s fur

Being aware of the length of your pitbull’s fur helps to avoid the irritation that the collar might have around the dog’s neck. Pitbulls are naturally short-coated; implying that their collars will not demand much in terms of allowance.

  • Width of the collar

The average width for dog collars lies between half to two inches. In most cases, the width of the collar depends on the dog’s size. This is to ensure that minimal pressure is exerted around the dog’s neck hence preventing discomfort. Thicker and wider collars are appropriate for pitbulls for comfort and safety.

  • Safety provided

The safety provided is dependent on the working mechanism of the bark collar. Puppies are delicate and it is crucial to go for the safest collars. It would be wise to get bark collars that are strong, thick and adjustable.  

  • Durability

The essential aspect of any dog accessory is durability. Pitbulls need collars that are strong and reliable considering their size and strength. Collars constructed with leather material have proven to be long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bark collars for pitbulls? How does it work?

Back collars are designed to curb and control barking among dogs. Some dogs tend to bark unnecessarily or more consistently. Bark collars are meant to prevent that. They are often powered by batteries.

Such collars are not meant for punishment. Bark collars do not impart any lasting physical harm on the dog but produce a jolt that is just enough to grab the dog’s attention. The working mechanism behind bark collars is not that sophisticated.

They work such that the dog associates barking with the uncomfortable jolt produced by the collar. After several jolts, the dog will cease barking unnecessarily even without the bark collar. The jolt could be in form of a shock, spray and so on depending on the type of collar. The jolts are triggered by the vocal chords of the dog. Chances of losing touch with your furry friend are minimal as the best shock collars for pitbulls are pet-friendly

Can pitbull puppies use a bark collar?

It is safe for a pitbull puppy to use a bark collar when it is about eight to ten weeks old. However, this should be done carefully. Additionally, it is only advisable in exceptional cases like when the puppy is out of control. Otherwise, electric bark collars may not be appropriate for any dog at a young age

Types of bark collars for pitbulls

  • Electric Bark Collars

These kinds of bark collars produce an electric shock whenever the dog goes on a barking spree. The shock level can be adjusted depending on the level of training. For instance, dogs that bark more frequently require shocks of higher intensity and vice versa. In other words, the shock levels can be adjusted for effectiveness. However, some dog parents consider electric shock to be harmful to their pets.

  • Ultrasonic Bark Collars
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Ultrasonic bark collars use annoying and irritating noise to counter a dog’s barking. The collar monitors the vocal cord and emits a high-pitched noise in case the dog barks. After a while the dog will associate the irritating with barking and put it on hold. Plus the noise produced will not harm the dog at all.

  • Citronella Bark Collars
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Citronella bark collars use Citronella spray to discourage barking. Citronella spray happens to have a smell that dogs find extremely disgusting and will do anything to get rid of it. Unlike electric bark collars, this collar only utilizes a whiff of the awful spray.
The collar has a spray with small sensors that respond to the dog’s barking. Some spays use lemon. This makes Citronella Bark Collars a perfect option for people who dislike electric collars. As a matter of fact, Citronella collars have been found to be the most effective bark collars for pitbulls and other dogs too. They are also recommended for puppies and smaller dogs.

  • Vibration Bark Collars

Just as the name suggest this collar has sensors that detect barking and vibrate or send a pulse to interrupt the unwanted barking. Over time, the dog learns to remain silent even with no collar on the neck. The intensity of vibration can be adjusted depending on the dog’s character.

  • Static Bark Collars

Static bark collars are known for their versatility. The collars incorporate a static pulse that causes interruption to the dog’s barking upon detection by detective sensors. They are available for dogs of all sizes.
Nonetheless, the magnitude of the static pulse can be increased or decreased depending on the dog’s character.

Benefits of bark collars for pitbulls & How effective are they?

  • You don’t have to be present for the collar to do its job

The best bark collars for pitbulls work by themselves. They are not triggered physically. A corrective or interruptive response is triggered by use of sensors that keep tabs on movements in the vocal cord.

The sensors are common to all types of bark collars. In the long run, the dog connects the barking with electric shock or static pulse and ceases barking aimlessly.

  • The intensity can be controlled

Another benefit of using bark collars is that they are adjustable. Whether the collar uses electric shock, spray and so on, the intensity of the corrective measure can be altered. This makes bark collars effective. Behavior modification is a gradual process after all. Pitbulls can be tough headed at times and may require different level of interruption or stimulation to change.

  • Pet-friendly

The best training collar for pitbulls ought to be friendly and comfortable for the dogs. In addition to that, the working mechanism behind bark collars is simply to grab the dog’s attention and interrupt bad behavior. No physical harm should be incurred by the canine.

How to choose the right size for my pitbull?

The essence of getting the right bark collar for your pitbull goes without saying. Choking may be as a result of a collar that is too tight. Other than that, short-coated dogs such as pitbulls might incur skin irritations due to tight collars.

On the flip side, loose collars might not be effective hence failing to yield the expected result. This is why it is important to take accurate measurements leaving an allowance for safety and breathability. In order to achieve this, begin with the head size.

The actual size of the head runs from the upper throat area, over the ears and rising to the head top. You can do this with the help of a piece of string or a soft tape measure. Next you get the neck measurements. This is where an allowance is applicable.

Loosely wrap a string around the dogs neck where you presume the collar would lie. While doing that, you should slide a finger between the string or measuring tape and the dog’s neck. By so doing, you leave an allowance of about two inches for your pitbull, which is safe. Other factors that should be taken into consideration include:

Material: go for a material that is comfy for the dog and durable. The width of the collar should be relatively wide depending on the size of the dog.

Style: the bark collar should be designed to correspond with your dog’s character, temperament and body shape. Pitbulls are large dogs and will require a collar that is engineered to fit their proportions.

Size: bigger dogs require collars with high interruption intensity.


As much as the best bark collars for pitbulls may be effective, the appropriate solution to the barking problem is to identify its root cause. Simply using bark collars is not enough. There might be different reasons leading to excessive barking and could be tackled by other means. Nevertheless, be patient and consistent when using bark collar as dogs react differently to the device. Still, choose a collar that will not only be effective but also safe and comfortable for your pitbull.

Best Collars for Pitbulls 2020 – Buyer’s Guide


The basic responsibility of any dog owner is to keep his or her pooch safe and secure at all times. An insecure canine is more likely to attack innocent folks or get injured in a fight. This is why it is vital to have a proper dog collar. Pitbulls are known to be large, agile and aggressive dogs. They can be a little dramatic when you take them for a walk in the park or in the streets.

It is therefore important to get a collar that is firm enough to keep their strength in at bay for easy control. Other than the size of your dog, you should consider the width, durability and ease of use of the collar before buying one for your Pitbull. Below is a detailed breakdown of the features and other properties to look for in the best collars for Pitbulls.

Best Collars for Pitbulls 2018

1) Silver Phantom Jewelry Designer Pitbull Dog Collar, 20mm Wide, 680 lbs – Silver

This designer Pitbull collar is one of a kind, featuring the best qualities any large dog collar should have. Not even a fully grown pitbull can break from this one. It comes with fully welded links that are capable of enduring tension of up to up to 680 lbs. This is a guarantee of total control over your Pitbull regardless of how agile or stubborn it may be.

The aspect that I find to be most appealing about the collar is the solid stainless steel that it is crafted from.  Well, steel is not just sturdy and durable it will not inflict any irritation to your Pitbull’s skin. Similarly, steel is not prone to rust or corrosion, meaning that your dog can even swim with the collar still intact. Another remarkable feature lies in its stylish design and smooth links that guarantee comfort for your pooch.

Additionally, the links are wide enough measuring 20mm in thickness to ensure that your dog will not be chocked our or break free. The silver phantom jewelry designer Pitbull dog collar is a masterpiece that every large dog owner should consider.

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2) Pitbull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar – Free Personalization – Pet Training

Having been tried and tested, the Pitbull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar has proven to withstand a jaw dropping tension of up to 2000lb. It is a must have training accessory that you should acquire for your Pitbull or any other large dog breed. The collar is strong and long lasting thanks to the genuine leather material that is built from. That is not all; the heavy duty collar is thick and wide enough to accommodate the safety of the most stubborn dogs. I once used this exact collar to take my Pitbull through some obedience training sessions.

My pet had a tendency of pulling on the leash when walking and is not really fond of collars. Luckily, this dog collar saved me from all these woes. The collar comes with free personalization. This means that you can have your dog’s name or other details of your four legged friends engraved on the collar. Such details enhance safety by providing identity for your pet just in case it gets lost.

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3) Beirui Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar – Stylish Leather Dog Collars – 2 Inch in Width Fit for Medium & Large Dogs

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One of the key factors that I consider when purchasing dog products is durability. Well, my Pitbull barely puts up with any low quality accessories especially collars, harnesses and leashes. However, the Beirui Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar is designed to last long. It is built to handle dogs of all sizes. Any smart dog owner should definitely add this collar on their shopping list. Thick pure leather holds the collar together preventing it from ripping apart during training or any other occasion.

The collar is fortified with sharp spikes that will protect your dog from neck injury in the event of an attack from other animals. Another impeccable property is the flexible metal buckle that gives room for breathability. It also features a D-ring that allows for the attachment of a heavy duty leash. The collar is ideal for outdoor activity or cold conditions due to its water resistant properties. As much as the collar is available for all dog sizes, it is recommended for medium to large dog breeds.

4) Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar All Breeds – Heavy Duty Adjustable Reflective Weatherproof

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If you are looking for something that is more comfortable on your canine then this collar will be perfect for you. I will give you the reasons. To begin with, it is lined with neoprene padding that is soft and gentle making sure that your dog is not irritated or hurt when it pulls on the leash.  You know how playful Pitbulls can be.

Additionally, neoprene is odor resistant and will not catch any smell from your pooch’s fur. The collar has proven to be very productive as it is built to sustain heavy duty hardware. It is crafted from quality and durable material capable of withstanding the strength of the most energetic or playful dogs such as Pitbulls.

Moreover, your dog can wear the collar all day long as it is lightweight not forgetting the fact that it is waterproof. The collar also features reflective stitching that helps to keep your pet safe from motorists. Reflective stitching can also help your to spot your pup easily in darkness.

5) Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof 330 yd Remote Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibra and Shock Electronic Collar

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The remote controlled shock dog collar is one of the most popular e-collars. It has been put to test by a huge number of first time pet owners as well as dog training experts and the results are remarkable. It is the ultimate dog training collar that will reform your dog’s character in a very short time. This includes leash training, obedience training, sitting, aggression, walking, eating and barking.

It is a remote controlled collar with a range of up to 330 yards in addition to a RF 434 Mhz transmitter for speed. Both the transmitter and the collar’s receiver are rechargeable. This implies that you can train a dog from your backyard. Besides top notch convenience, your dog can swim with the accessory without fear of damage as it is water resistant. Still, the collar comes in different sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches not to mention an adjustable collar strap. Other features include heavy duty capabilities and lightweight nylon material that make the collar durable.

Similarly, it provides more units of stimulation – up to 100 levels of static shock – which facilitate better training. Dog training should not be difficult with such an incredible device. However caution and moderation are vital when using this electric collar.

6) Beirui Spiked Leather Dog Collar – 3 Rows Bullet Rivets Studded PU Leather – Cool Skull Pet Accessories Best Choice for Medium and Large Dogs

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Dog collars with rivets are much more impressive in protecting your pet from attacks from other dogs or animals. I think this is the main idea behind the design of the Beirui Spiked Leather Dog Collar. The collar is studded with three rows of bullet rivets attached to a thick PU leather material. This makes the collar tough, study and long lasting.

The inside of the leather is soft and gentle of a dog’s skin preventing any irritation that might arise from contact. Plus, it is fitted with a D-ring that allows you to attach a leash during training or while walking in the streets.  You can add some swag to your pooch’s outlook with the help an individualized collar with bullet spikes.

Like most collars, it can be adjusted according to the size. Its superior features make it a perfect choice for medium to large dogs.

7) OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal D Ring & Buckle 2 Sizes

If you are in search of a dog collar that is unique and stylish then OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar is the perfect choice. It is built with one hook and loop panel that provides more room for you to add more decorative accessories. I love its design as it comes with cushion padding as well as a thick nylon strap for extra comfort. Its weight is pet friendly and you can leave it on your dog for as long as you please.

The collar is thick enough measuring about 4cm in girth. This eliminates the risk of skin irritation or chocking. Still, the collar is fortified with a metal buckle and a heavy duty metallic D-ring which provides sturdiness and durability. Additionally, D-ring makes it convenient for you to add a leash that you can use to contain your dog from fighting other dogs, chasing people or causing trouble in general. Similarly, the collar guarantees safety for puppies or stray dogs due to tag attachments. This accessory is recommended for owners with medium to large sized dogs.

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8) YOGADOG – Heavy Duty Dog Harnesses, Prevent Pulling, Soft Padded with Special Extended Integrated Short Leash Design, Reflective Stitching, For Medium and Large Dogs

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I find dog harnesses to be more efficient in terms of proving comfort to my Pitbull. The best dog harness for Pitbulls should be super comfortable and above all, pet friendly. Yagadog is a leash that is engineered to withstand the strength of hard pullers. It is a heavy duty accessory that is capable of handling over 450 lbs of pulling resistance.

Yagadog leash has proven to be wear resistant and long-lasting thanks to the quality of the material that it is made from. Other than that, it is created using nylon that is waterproof making it ideal for any weather conditions. The nylon comes with reflective stitching that guarantees optimum safety for your furry friend at all times. Comfort for your pooch is enhanced through soft padding on the backside minimizing irritability to the dog’s skin.

Additionally, it features a padded handle that provides sufficient comfort for the handler. Yet again, the handle is elastic thus cutting down on any chances of sustaining an injury as well as boosting the pulling force buffer. Connecting a leash is easy with a D-ring that is located at the on the rear side of the harness. Strategic location of the D-ring provides the ideal stress point for easy control of your dog. Yagadog is one of the best harness for Pitbull dogs and other large dog breeds.

9) PYRUS Dog Harness, K8 No Pull Harness

Pyrus is one of the most pet friendly dogs harnesses in the market today. It features unique design that ensures free movement and complacency for dogs. Most first time users have found the harness to be safe, reliable and long lasting due to its sturdy high quality nylon material. The material is easily washable and a lot more flexible offering more control over your dog. It is also made with padding on the backside to boost comfort.

Other excellent features include an adjustable chest stripe which ensures that the harness can easily fit on any dog regardless of the size. Pyrus K8  No Pull Harness is optimal for training large and extra large dogs.

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10) pets4pals Adjustable No Pull Reflective Harness Handle, D-Ring Leash Small Medium Large Sized Dog

Being one of the few no pull harnesses in town, the pets4pals Adjustable No Pull Reflective Harness should be a must have accessory for any caring dog owner. The harness comes with numerous features that establish safety and relaxation for your dog. There is nothing as devastating as a dog harness that will cause balding or inflict irritation to your dog’s skin.

This harness takes care of this through quality nylon material not to mention the padding that is lined on the interior. It is designed meticulously to ensure distribution of stress towards the back and shoulder of the dog. This allows for free neck movement and prevents chocking. A grip handle located on the chest strap ensures maximum control over the pooch. It also makes it easy to attach a leash. Besides that, the harness is very flexible and can be adjusted to fit any dog.

On the same note, the harness includes reflective straps that warrant safety in during dark hours. Generally, the harness is meant for big hyper dogs as well as other smaller ones.

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11) PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar, Fully Waterproof, 1200ft Range

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PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar is one of the most popular dogs training collars. It is designed with the best interests of the dog at heart characterized by superior properties. The smart collar allows you to train your pet from a range of up to 1200ft.

Besides the impressive technological aspect the e-collar is water proof. This suggests that you will not have to worry about any damage if your dog likes swimming. It has proven to be very dynamic in facilitating different types of behavioral training. The collar comes with an LCD remote with 4 modes that can be tuned to 100 levels customization levels as well as an adjustable shock.

What I love about the collar is that its durability is not compromised. It is created with quality robust material that can accommodate resistance of up to 100lbs.

12) Leashboss Long Trainer – 1 Inch Nylon Long Dog Training Leash with Storage Strap

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The Long Trainer 1 inch nylon dog leash is a true definition of perfection in terms of the best leash for Pitbull dogs. Design and outlook of the leash will adequately take care of your large dog.  It features a sturdy structure held together with top quality nylon that provides strength. The heavy duty material also makes the training leash to be resistant to wear and tear.

Nylon is stitched with cotton padding that boosts comfort for your furry friend. Besides that, the accessory comes with a hook and an easy coiling system where you can wrap the leash thus avoiding tangles.

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Factors to consider when buying a collar for pitbulls


Every responsible dog owner should get a dog collar for his or her pet. Dog collars make it easy to handle your dog. Pitbulls are large and strong dogs with a short coat. This implies that you should avoid a collar that may snap after two days and consider getting one that fits appropriately. Getting the right collar ensures safety and comfort for your four-legged friend. There are several factors that you should have in mind before securing a dog collar for your pet and some of them are listed below:

  • Type of breed

Knowing your dog breed comes in handy in selecting the best collar for your Pitbull. This is because some breeds are hypersensitive to some dog collar materials. Bigger dogs are stronger and may need an equally strong collar or leash. Similarly, knowing the dog breed makes it easier to estimate the proper size of the collar. In this case you should be looking for the best Pitbull leash.

  • Take note of your dog’s neck measurement

You ought to buy a collar that fits precisely on your dog. It should neither fit too tightly and neither should it be too large. It is apparent that dogs come in different sizes depending on the breed you chose. Pitbulls are bigger dog breeds and will require a bigger collar. Nonetheless, it will be useless to hope into a store and buy a collar that might turn out to be small or too big for your Pitbull. The right procedure would be first to take the measurements of your dog’s neck since most collars are meant for the neck unless otherwise. I would recommend leaving an allowance of an inch or two between the dog’s neck and the collar. This prevents any injury that the dog might experience while pulling on the leash.

  • Length of your dog’s fur

Failure to select the best leash for your dog may result in the irritation of the skin around the dog’s neck. Knowing the length of your dog’s fur can give you an idea of the collar size that you will be getting. Pitbull’s are short-coated and will not require much allowance. However, it is always safe to take measurements for precision.

  • Width of the collar

The width of most dog collars ranges between half an inch to two inches. Nonetheless, the width is highly dependent on the dog’s size. You do not want your dog to die or get choked out from a thinner collar. One again, Pitbulls are big and strong. I would advise getting wider or thicker collars. This minimizes pressure and also enhances comfort. Thinner collars may be appropriate for smaller dog breeds like the Chihuahua.

  • Saftey provided

Adjustable collars are known to be a lot safer particularly for puppies. Another safety aspect that should be considered is the visibility of the collar which might come in handy during emergencies. Collars with reflective material provide more safety.

  • Durability

You do not have to buy a dog collar every time due to poor options. Take time to analyze the collar’s material. Leather is ideal for a Pitbull’s collar.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a collar for pitbulls?

A collar is basically an accessory that I placed around a dog’s neck. In some cases it is attached to a leash for control. Dog collars are used for different reasons including beautification, identification, safety and control. Collars for Pitbulls are often mistaken for harnesses. The thing is, collars only cover the neck area or the head. On the other hand, harnesses distribute pressure on the neck to the rest of the body. Most dog owners find collars to be more convenient as they can be left on a pooch’s neck at all times. The best dog  harness  for Pitbulls might be more comfortable to the dog but only for a short while. Yet Pitbull harness and collars can almost serve the same purpose apart from a few differences here and there.

Types of pitbull dog collars

  • Breakaway dog collar

Such collars are suitable for everyday use. The good thing about them is that you can attach identification tags for your four legged friends. Plus it has an adjustable buckle and easy to remove.

  • Martingale dog collar

It features a unique design that prevents dogs from slipping away. Besides that, it is used for leash and obedience training. You can also attach an identification tag to the collar.

  • Spiked dog collar

Spiked dog collars protect a dog’s neck.  These collars are usually fitted with decorative spikes or studs that add an exquisite look. Although the spikes may look dangerous and aggressive they are pretty harmless as their edges are rounded. The rest of the spiked dog collar is made from different materials including leather, nylon and so on.

  • Nylon dog collar

Nylon dog collars are known to be relatively cheaper although their durability is questionable. Nevertheless, the nylon collars are remarkably lightweight making them ideal for dog training. In addition to that, they are easy to maintain and waterproof. Interestingly, they are made from soft webbing that ensures ultimate comfort. They also come with the traditional collar buckle that makes them adjustable.

  • Shock collars

Shock collars for pitbulls are used for obedience training.  The best shock collars for pitbulls should not cause injury or cause pain as they use electric shock to modify a dog behavior.

  • Leather dog collar

The collars are majorly made from leather. I love their durability. Besides being secure, leather dog collars have proven to be comfortable. They come in different varieties or sizes and may be decorated with spikes or studs.

  • Slip-chain dog collar

They are also referred to as the choke chain collar. Slip dog collars are often made from metal or other synthetic materials and are some of the best training collars for Pitbulls. You can get the Pitbull heavy chain collars for bigger dogs.

  • Spray dog collar

Spray dog collars are similarly utilized in dog training. They are common correctional collars during training as they are designed to create discomfort.

  • Head halters

Unlike other training collars that provide negative reinforcement, head halters feature a revolutionary design that offers positive reinforcement.

Benefits of pitbull collars & How effective are they?

Pitbull collars bear numerous benefits including giving identity to your pet, protecting you pooch among other adavantages. You can train your Pitbull on certain survival tricks that will ensure safety using collars. Other benefits are discussed below:

  • Gives you control over your pet

You can easily control your Pitbull using choke or pinch collars. These collars have attachments that use negative or positive reinforcements to direct a dog’s behavior . This is really helpful particularly in public places.  These dog breed is robust and might cause harm to people and other pets if not tamed appropriately.

  • Enhance protection

I prefer using spiky dog callers for this purpose. Spiky collars ensure that your dog’s neck is safe from any sought of injury that may arise from attacks from other animals. The studs and spikes prevent the neck from being bitten or scratched. On the other hand, there are floatation collars that can save your dog from drowning.

  • Enable easy identification

Most dog collars have attachments or buckles where you can attach an identification card. Identification cards may indicate details about the owner, the dog’s name as well as medical details. This makes it easy for the dog to be identified in case in goes astray. Similarly there are dog collars that are specifically meant for identification. This can help to secure your Pitbull pooch if anything happens.

  • Perfect for training

Training is an essential part of petting dogs. Some collars are used in conjunction with a leash for dog training such as the head halters. They help to change unpleasant behaviors. However, you ought to be very careful while using such collars as they may strangle your furry friend or cause worse injuries.

  • Beatification

Not all do collars are designed for protection of training. Some them feature modifications to make your dog look cute. You can try collars with LEDS, those with printed patterns and so on to make your pooch stylish.


Dog collers serve different purposes. You might have to get one for your Pitbull. Pet stores are flooded with different types of dog collars. It might be troubling to find the best collars for Pitbulls. I prefer buying collars that serve the intended goal and ones that are made from durable or quality materials. You should try the same. Other than that, you should buy dog collars that are comfortable and strong enough to match the Pitbull’s size. Remember, some dogs may not be quite accustomed to having a collar around their neck and may put up a fight for a while before getting used to it.